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Wholesale & Third Party Services.

The basis of our success is the best mobile infrastructure in Austria. Hutchison Drei Austria has positioned itself as a technology leader in the market with a focus on mobile data. Hutchison Drei Austria is the only operator with a pure 3G network, covering 94% of the Austrian population. In 2011 and 2012, Hutchison Drei Austria's network has been certified by the independent network test of the German magazine “Connect” as the best network in any of the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our clients are national and international fixed line, mobile, application and internet service providers.

Wholesale Access / MVNO

  • Wholesale Rates
  • Future Technology Pricing
  • Forecasting Mechanism
  • Future Proofing Price Mechanism


  • MVNO Reference Offer
  • MVNO Formal Commitments
  • Reference Interconnection Offer
  • Direct Wholesale Roaming Access Reference Offer
  • Wholesale Roaming Resale Access Reference Offer



Please contact us for further questions:
Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH
Brünner Straße 52
A - 1210 Wien

MVNO: mvno@drei.com
Interconnection: cr@drei.com
International Roaming: international.roaming@drei.com

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