Management Board. 

Jan Trionow

Jan Trionow has been with Drei since the very start of the corporation. In March 2005 he joined the management board as CTO and became CEO in June 2010. Previous to his work at Drei he was with Mannesmann and Vodafone.

Sabine Hogl

Before joining Drei Sabine Hogl was CFO at several international telecommunication companies, including AIR PAGE Telekommunikation AG, eTel Austria AG and EMTS Technologie Holding AG. Since 2004 she is responsible for the finances & personnel of Drei Austria.

Matthias Baldermann

Matthias Baldermann has also been with Drei Austria since the beginning. As Director of Programme Management he was responsible for strategic projects and the implementation of key business processes, as well as NETCO 3 GmbH, a subsidiary company of Drei. In June 2010 he was appointed as CTO.

Rudolf Schrefl

Rudolf Schrefl joined Drei in 2002 taking the position of Director of Sales and Customer Services. In June 2010 he became Chief of Customer and Service, by July 2011 he became Chief Commercial Officer combining sales, customer experience and marketing operations. Previously he worked in IT-companies such as Philips Dictation Systems, Boca Research Inc., und CacheVision Inc.


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