up³ Smart

Activate in 5 minutes, pause* anytime and no worries about hidden costs – all in the up³ app.
The Smart plan with 4G offers all the benefits of Austria’s most modern mobile communications solution at an amazing price. With an eSIM or physical SIM card – it’s exclusively available in just a few clicks via the up³ app. Special price to celebrate the new offer:

No contractual obligations

throughout Austria and in other EU countries² Europa 1,000 minutes or SMS

Internet throughout Austria 50 GB 100 MBit/s Down max. 50 MBit/s Up max.

of which in the EU³ 11 GB

4,90 €* per month

0 € Einmalig


² SMS and calls from Austria to other EU countries not included.

³ You can use your included Austria-wide data volume throughout the EU up to the amount indicated aboveIf you exceed this limit or use your plan mostly in other EU countries, you’ll incur costs in accordance with the statutory regulations. For details, see Roaming 5.

EU countries: EU member states, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. The list of included countries is subject to change.

Domestic per-minute rate: 60 / 60, data volume billed in 102.4 kilobyte increments. Unused units expire at the end of the subscription month. Once the domestic or EU data volume has been used up, it is possible to purchase the add-on packages “EU incl. Austria 5GB” or “EU 5GB” according to actual payment terms. The specified maximum speeds apply throughout Austria.

Please note the valid roaming allowances and the terms and conditions for using them in other EU countries. Roaming 5 details.

The specified data transfer speeds are maximum values. The actual speed depends on factors such as traffic density, structural and geographical conditions, and the device used.

Fair use policy for our plans with unlimited included units. As a rule, there is no restriction on the volume allowed for use within the respective unlimited included usage categories (e.g.: data / SMS / minutes for domestic calls). However, as these rates are intended exclusively for private / personal use, Drei reserves the right to warn the customer in the event of abusive usage patterns or if the network integrity appears to be jeopardised by certain usage patterns and / or to block the corresponding usage category for the respective customer. Abusive usage patterns may be assumed if usage exceeds 10,000 minutes, 10,000 text messages or 5 TB within a billing month. The sending of mass text messages (e.g. for advertising purposes) or the use of mobile gateways or similar automation mechanisms is also not permitted. In these cases, the same reservations apply.

The current GT&C for new customers, including value protection and our payment terms, apply.

Switching to up³ is simple.

1. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Register with your Apple, Google or Facebook login with just one click or, if you prefer, set up a brand-new up³ account.
3. Choose your payment method: credit card, SEPA direct debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal.
4. Download your eSIM profile onto your mobile phone – skip to step 5a. Or order a traditional SIM card and we’ll send it to you as quickly as possible – skip to step 5b.
5a. Your new eSIM is nearly ready to go!
5b. Give us your postal address so we can send you your new SIM card. Once you’ve received it, insert it into your device and activate it in the app. That’s it – you’re all set to go!
6. As an option, if you want to keep your old phone number, you can ask us to port it from your previous provider..

Get add-ons in the app.

Adapt your up³ plan anytime to meet your needs with our add-ons. Simply get them as an add-on to your current plan in our up³ app.
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