COVID-19 Impact on Wholesale services.

As an operator of critical infrastructure, the management, in close coordination with the crisis team and the authorities, has taken special security measures to maintain our operations even under these difficult circumstances. For this purpose, a business continuity plan was adapted by the escalation management for the current situation and put into effect. It includes measures that ensure day-to-day operations and also protects the safety and health of our employees.

  • Our operational team is geo-redundant and can work fully remotely even in case of further restriction measures.
  • A service concept for the quarantine areas was set up in close coordination with the responsible authorities.
  • Currently we have no operational restrictions and can therefore maintain our service availability.
  • In addition, due to the current circumstances and the expected increase in capacity utilization, the networks are being monitored more closely so that we can react quickly if necessary.
  • We are in close coordination with the authorities with regard to any restrictions that may be implemented in order to avoid any interference to our service.
  • We have already taken organizational measures to provide the services according to the SLAs we offer.
  • In close coordination with our network department, capacity expansions have already been carried out. They will ensure that we can provide all the capacities required by the increasing number of remote users and that we can support all ongoing operations in the best possible way.
  • We continuously exchange information with our suppliers to assured us of the continuous availability of their services. We kindly ask for your understanding that due to these very special circumstances it might come to delays with regard to the delivery of new services.

These are challenging times, but we are very convinced that all the measures we have already taken, in very close cooperation with you, will ensure the best possible basis for all our ongoing operations. We assure you of our full support in all aspects.

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