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Microsoft Authenticator App.

A VPN connection will soon only be possible with the Microsoft Authenticator app. The current app "HID ActivID Token" will be replaced.

When the change takes place, you'll be notified via Microsoft Teams and E-Mail.

This is what to do now:

Please download the Microsoft Authenticator app and enable two-factor authentication. Don't wait until the end of the transition period, but familiarize yourself with the new app now.

Download now

You can find more information about the Microsoft Authenticator app here:



If you cannot log in to your Microsoft account, please contact the IT-Support at it-support@drei.com or by phone on +43 50 660 88700.

The IT-Support can’t help you set up the app, please use the Microsoft instructions for this.

Internal employees can also find a lot of information in the "IT Support" community or in the "Shop Lexikon" on the Drei Intranet.