Career paths at Drei

We know: Every employee is unique and has ideas on how his professional development should look like. Therefore, we offer more than just the classic management career with two fundamentally different career paths.


Drei Karriereweg Managment

If you enjoy working with other people and you are good at organizing and planning of tasks, the management path is right for you. As junior manager, you will get various trainings (management skills, processes, systems, employment law, and more), to refine your skills and promote your knowledge. You will make a start as a Team Lead, which is primarily about defining clear targets for your team and achieving them.

As a Head Of, your area of responsibility will increase, staff responsibility and the management of the daily business will be your main tasks.

The tasks of a Senior Head Of are geared to a long-term strategy. It is up to you now to find out, together with the management, in which way Drei should develop.


Drei Karriereweg Expert

If managing other people is not your primary target, you can take the expert path at Drei. In the course of that, you can continuously expand your knowledge in a specific special field. As an Expert, you will be consulted in decision-making that affects your specialist area.

As a Senior Expert, you will increasingly become a competent contact person for managers and a valuable sparring partner who shares his specialist knowledge with other employees and takes on a mentoring function.

The Head of Subject represents the highest level of development in an expert career. In that role, you take on an essential advisory role for managers and pass on your extensive, in-depth knowledge to other employees.