A really good job.

Exciting jobs await people here who, like us, still have many plans. And that is how it works: An application can be sent directly online under every job advertisement. That not only saves time and postage costs, but also takes every application quickly and accurately to the right HR Business Partner. Thus, every application arrives quickly at the right place.

We are happy to receive your speculative application here.

We are living diversity and treat all our employees equally, regardless of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation or other individual affiliations. We strictly reject any form of exploitation of people and will immediately put a stop to it as soon as it is even hinted at.

Number of nationalities at Drei: around 50.

We actively engage in cross-border recruiting and, in the case of third-country nationals, we take care of the application and costs for the Red-White-Red card.
We offer diversity trainings via our online training portal (Drei Academy) and all employees have the opportunity to participate.
We actively promote inclusion in our workplace. Our membership in business forum "myAbility" may underline.