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What distinguishes Drei from others? The many people who work together here and achieve great things together. We always do that at eye level and therefore we also communicate on an informal level at Drei. Both in the company and here on our job pages. With that in mind: take a look around, find out more about us as an employer and maybe we will see you here at Drei soon.

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Why do we work every day to create a stimulating environment for our employees? The answer is simple - so that you enjoy coming to work every day. And of course, so that you can do a really good job. Exciting, open, innovative and full of passion - your new job at Drei.

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No day is like the other.

Tim Cherif, Regional Manager.

I got in touch with Drei through a promoter job as a student in 2007. At that time, the company was still considered a newcomer. After graduating from university in 2011, I started as a shop assistant. Already then, the customer contact, on the one hand, and the family-like atmosphere and the team spirit, on the other hand, inspired me. Over the years, I was able to improve myself from the position of shop manager to regional manager. What excites me at Drei is that we work in an incredibly dynamic environment so that we continuously have to change and reinvent ourselves. No day is like the other and there are new challenges every day.

The constant is change.

Manfred Frauneder, Senior Head of Financial Controlling.

My professional tasks are very diverse. My career at Drei has been about reorganizations in the company or the merger with Tele2. In addition, I have had the overall responsibility for controlling and reporting, amongst others. One thing is clear: at Drei, there is always something happening - we live with constant changes. In short: the constant is change. That is precisely why my tasks are exciting and diverse. What I appreciate about my job is having an overall view of the company. I find it exciting that Drei is always looking for improvements in all areas and that everyone can openly contribute their ideas.

I always learn something new.

Markus Tuma, Head of Performance Development.

After joining Drei in 2005, I quickly developed from a software programmer to a business analyst. After the first successful projects, I was put in charge of a team and was able to develop further to become Head of Performance Developing by going through various other stations. In all of these, I immersed myself deeper in the company and learned something new - such as leading employees, dealing with critical situations and working together and negotiating with colleagues and other departments. What I particularly appreciate about my current job is the cross-departmental collaboration with many motivated, creative and differently minded people.

Communication, listening, and a common goal are important.

Sabine Deinhammer-Fischer, Project Manager.

I started at Drei in 2002, shortly before the official start in Austria. From the initial position of product manager for rates, I was promoted to team leader. I returned from maternity leave just before the merger with Orange. The task then was to incorporate Orange's rates landscape into the world of Drei in the best possible way. During that time, I developed further in the direction of project management. Now I accompany cross-departmental projects. In doing so, it is often a challenge to resolve differences of opinion in the departments. It is about finding solutions: through communication, listening and a common goal. What I enjoy about my job is the still existing learning curve and the regular challenges.

Trust creates good cooperation.

Peggy Doretz, Head of Customer Service Erfurt.

I started as a team leader and was warmly welcomed by my colleagues. My career path at Drei was shaped by an enormous build-up of knowledge, technically as well as strategically and operationally from day one. That enabled me to work my way up step by step. I had another team leader position, then I was finally promoted to site manager in Erfurt. What I like about Drei is the good cooperation with the colleagues in Erfurt and Vienna. We are in close contact with each other and there is good communication, appreciation and mutual trust. Therefore, I also follow the philosophy of the open office door. My door is always open.