Our HR Business Partner team.

The first step is always the online application. After that, our recruiting team takes over.

It is important to us that all our applicants know their contact person, so all HR Business Partners will introduce themselves here.

Heidi Csamay

Heidi Csamay.

Network, Engineering & Infrastructure
E-Mail: heidelinde.csamay@drei.com

Heidi Csamay

Tanja Weber.

Business (Enterprise), Digital, Brands & Communication
E-Mail: tanja.weber@drei.com

Verena Pantzer.

E-Mail: verena.pantzer@drei.com

Judith Minelli
Judith Minelli

Judith Minelli.

Finance, Legal, Corporate Strategy, Wholesale
E-Mail: judith.minelli@drei.com

Eva Moor.

E-Mail: eva.moor@drei.com

Dijana Divkovic.

Drei Shops & Apprentices
E-Mail: dijana.divkovic@drei.com