The first day at Drei.

Getting to know each other made easy.

Getting to know each other made easy.

The first day in the new job is always a very special one. We will tell you here what the program for the first hours at Drei is.

Headquarters in Vienna.

The first day begins at the welcome desk. Someone from your new department acts as a guide and off we go with the many things that need to be done urgently: Issue an entry card, pick up the laptop, select and order the employee cell phone - all that and more is done on the first day. In addition, of course, getting to know the new colleagues is part of the program. So, shaking lots of hands and trying to remember the many faces and names.

Site in Erfurt.

It starts in the entrance area on the 1st floor. Well, actually only later, because the first day in Erfurt is the Welcome Day for all new employees. The focus is on getting to know the colleagues and introducing Drei. Organizational issues are also on the agenda, including issuing the entry card as well as handing out all the equipment necessary.

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