Our employer values.


At Drei, no working day is like the other. Our industry is constantly on the move and that brings enormous momentum to our everyday lives. New and interesting activities and challenges are constantly being added. You are supported at all times by your team that is at your side full of passion and commitment.


Personal commitment is very important to us. And we are not just talking about work. We believe that the best work environment arises when the workplace is more than just a workplace. That is why, even in stressful times, we always focus on having fun and, above all, a friendly atmosphere.


Openness is very important to us. That applies to all levels and all areas, regardless of whether for company-relevant information or concerns of individual employees or teams. Transparency, honesty and quick information are taken for granted by us. We always communicate on equal terms, regardless of position or area of responsibility.


The look ahead and the courage involved for innovation has always characterized Drei. One of our priorities is to give our employees space to think outside the box. We promote innovative ideas and concepts through a lot of personal responsibility and freedom of choice combined with an open error culture.