All the advantages.

Discover the benefits at Drei.

Together open to more: many benefits.

We want to meet new challenges every day and develop innovative ideas. In return, we give something back to our employees every day.

Together instead of alone:

Our workplaces.

A place to work.

Whether shop, head office or customer service - our workplaces always have one thing in common: They are bright and warm and offer plenty of space for open communication. Sometimes people laugh, sometimes there are heated discussions, first it is completely quiet and then louder again. Even if things are a bit different with us compared to other companies - our philosophy is based on open and honest cooperation. That is why we all address each other in an informal way which makes a lot of things easier and creates a friendly working atmosphere.

A place to get to.

Whether you are a passionate cyclist, tram dreamer or car fan. Everybody arrives at Drei. We take over the costs for the annual ticket for the public transport, offer company parking spaces and lockable bike racks.

A place for smartphones.

We live innovation at all levels: That is why all employees have the latest smartphones available as company mobile phones. There is also a rate that includes many products and services. There are also cheap rates available for friends and family.

A place for well-being.

One thing is clear to us: if you are passionate about your work, you also have to look after yourself. The health of our employees is important to us. That is why we regularly offer the possibility of preventive medical check-ups at our headquarters. Health days and vaccination campaigns are also part of the program every year. Our company doctor and industrial psychologist are also on hand for help and advice. In addition, we have a cooperation with mediclass, a private medical center in Vienna.

Eating and drinking together.

Platz zum Essen

A place for eating.

Eating makes people get together – and that not only in our modern canteen in our head office, but also at the snack bar or at the fruit basket with fresh fruits from the Floridsdorf market. A variety of meals, a salad and vegetable bar, as well as sweets freshly made by the pastry cook await you every day. A warm lunch is available from € 2.20. It can be enjoyed in our cozy dining area or on the sun deck in summer.

Of course, we also think of our many employees in the stores, regional offices and in our branch in Erfurt, whom we provide with meal vouchers in digital form.

A place against thirst.

Since we classify coffee as basic foods, just like soda water, it is available free of charge at any time of the day. There are also drinks of all kinds available for purchase from several machines, at the snack bar and in the canteen.

Enjoy a time-out together:

Work-life balance is a must.

Platz für Natur

A place for nature.

Anyone who is always passionate about what they do also deserves passionate breaks. A coffee by the pond or a walk through the sand is always possible for our committed employees in our garden. And, of course, we like to use our huge green area for one or the other party. And Wi-Fi? Is available always and everywhere, of course.

A place for flexibility.

One of the most important factors for a good work-life balance is how we are dealing with working hours. Flextime is self-evident for us in modern working life. Flexibility goes even further with us, that is why we also offer mobile working. And, if possible, we also offer the 4-days working week in our shops across Austria. By the way: Should it still get stressful, a massage and Shiatsu are available during working hours as well. Directly at the head office and at reasonable prices.

A good work-life balance also includes sufficient free time. Because we value your performance, you have a choice: more pay or more time off. Every year, our employees have the opportunity to exchange their pay increase under the collective agreement for more vacation time. One day of vacation has a certain percentage equivalent value to the collective agreement increase. This voluntary time-off option is very popular with many of our colleagues, something we are very proud of.

A place for sports.

We like challenging our employees. That not only applies to work, but also to the many sporting activities that we do together. Running is very important to us. That is why we have running groups and joint training to prepare for events like the Business Run. But there is also no lack of soccer talent: our soccer players chase the ball once a week. And that very close to our headquarters.

Grow together.

We facilitate personal and professional development. The possibilities for that are just as diverse as the content. We offer online courses as well as internal trainings by our specialist trainers, and we also make external trainings possible. Our “Meet the Customer” program, in which the desk is swapped for a job with direct customer contact for a day, is exciting and popular.