Drei Trainees
Drei Trainees

Trainee program at Drei.

Your trainee position.

Are you looking for a trainee position where you can learn a lot and gain experience without denying yourself some fun? Then you have come to the right place at Drei!

Your training.

Do you already have your university degree or are you about to graduate? Perfect! If you are also interested in the telecommunications industry and have already gained some practical experience in other companies, apply to us at any time!

Application process.

If you find a suitable trainee position on our job market, you can send us your application papers right there. We take a close look at all applications and if you are a good match for us, you will receive an invitation for a personal meeting.

As a next step - depending on the department - a second interview or selection process follows. If we decide for you, you will receive a trainee contract and then we will say: Welcome to Drei!

Who is right for us?

Are you enthusiastic about new technologies and do you know the current trends? Is agile togetherness natural to you and do you want to actively participate in further developing the agile mindset at Drei? Are you eager to learn and do you like to face challenges? Are you fluent in German and English? Then you are the right person for us!

You will get.

Working at Drei offers many advantages. Here are a few of our highlights:

  • The latest smartphone: Regardless of whether Apple, Samsung, Huawei or other brands, we provide you with every smartphone that we have in our range.
  • An attractive salary: You will get a trainee salary of 700 € in the first training year.
  • An additional payment: Depending on where you work, you will receive a performance-based sales commission (shops) or an annual bonus payment (head office).
  • Know-how: You can learn a lot with us and develop yourself in the direction that suits you best.
  • A relaxed working environment: We regularly organize team events and always see to a relaxed atmosphere in everyday work.
  • Incentives: These include the annual ticket for the public transport, a company cafeteria in the headquarters, Sodexo vouchers in the shops and many more.

Execution of the trainee program.

Our trainee program extends to three phases which are completed consecutively in a period of up to twelve months. During that time, you will be accompanied by mentors who are always ready to listen to you.

1. Onboarding.

In the first few weeks, you will get to know different departments of the company that are relevant to your job. That way, you can get a good overview right from the start.

2. 2. Practical knowledge transfer.

In that phase, you will be equipped with a very specific knowledge. If you are, for example, a trainee in IT, you will now be given an understanding of customer interfaces. In our trainee community, consisting of other trainees and mentors, an exchange takes place on a regular basis.

3. Training on the Job.

Ultimately, you will take on tasks independently in the respective departments. In that phase, you will still be accompanied by mentors and other contact people. After completing the trainee program, you will be in charge of your own product as a Product Owner or two Scrum Teams as a Scrum Master.