Domestic Data-Services.

Ethernet P2P and Vipnet Carrier.

Ethernet P2P and Vipnet Carrier.

As a leading provider of telecommunication services in Austria we combine technology, local know-how and support within our footprint. Our seamless end-to-end fiber network supports Ethernet- and MPLS-Services.

Ethernet P2P and P2MP.

Domestic Data Services based on Ethernet Technology - High-performance Connections up to 10 Gbps via our nationwide fiber optic network. Ethernet P2P Service terminals (CPEs) at the customers' sites obtain access to a high-performance Ethernet platform.

Drei provides:

  • national Ethernet networking infrastructure to your customers
  • exclusive connectivity between the customers' sites
  • optional hand-over via designated Network to Network Interconnections (NNIs)

- Connection Bandwidth up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

- Point-to-point' and 'point-to-multipoint' topologies

- Quick and cost-efficient Bandwidth-Upgrade

- QoS profiles

- Real-time performance Service-Class for Multimedia Applications (optional)

- Fail-safe International fiber-optic Ethernet networking backbone

- Cooperation with national and international Service Partners

- Management Access to customers' EthernetP2P connections and networks

- Service Level Agreements

- Service Line Support, 24 hours/365 days

- Multipoint-to-multipoint (VPLS) topology

- 'Shared Router Service' (optional router incl. maintenance)

1. Private, high-performance Ethernet Connections and Metro Ethernet Networks for carriers' customers in Austria

2. Integration of international carriers' customers' Austrian sites into their international Ethernet Network

3. Integration of Austrian carriers' customers' international sites into their domestic Metro Ethernet Network

Vipnet Carrier.

The connection of individual enterprise locations enables efficient and secure cooperation. Private, high-performance IP-Networks for your customers in Austria.

With VipNet Carrier, Drei provides:

  • National IP-networking infrastructure to its customers
  • Service terminals (routers) at the customers' sites obtain access to an MPLS-based virtual private network (VPN) – Full / Half / No Router Service
  • 'any-to-any' connectivity between the customers' VipNet-sites

- High-performance IP/MPLS networking platform.

- Access via EthernetP2P, Leased Line, ADSL2+/VDSL2/SDSL or xDSL wholesale.

- Service Line Support, 24 hours/365 days.

- Connection Bandwidth up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet.

- QoS (optional).

- Full or Half Router Service (optional).

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Quynh Nga Phan
International Sales Manager

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Quynh Nga Phan
International Sales Manager